21st District Recovery Court is an alternative sentencing program in the 21st Judicial District (Hickman, Lewis, Perry, and Williamson Counties, TN) which affords non-violent offenders who suffer from addiction issues, a different opportunity. We offer an intensive two-year, court-supervised recovery program in lieu of and/or in addition to traditional sentences.

As a non-profit, we are governed by a small budget. That said, we have lofty goals for expansion in the future. Our main goal is, of course, to help restore as many lives back to a healthy, crime-free lifestyle within our district.

In that effort, we hope to, one day, have our own in-patient facility with a residence and a community center somewhere within the 21st Judicial District. This goal would prove highly favorable for the entire community. With the services for each participant being offered and supervised under one roof, the process would be able to grow in success exponentially.

The most critical piece for our success would be the ability to hire additional well-qualified staff. Currently, a very small number of highly devoted, tireless staff handles the treatment, legal paperwork, drug testing, housing needs, and referrals of dozens of participants on a weekly basis.   

We will also continue to expand our partnership with the justice department and police within the district, and beyond. Proper communication with each of these organizations will help us be more effective for participants and family members.

Expanded community involvement is critical, as well. Another goal is to establish stronger connections with individuals, businesses and other non-profits in the area. This, in part, will aid us in our never-ending effort for donations. Household items, toiletries, clothing, gift cards, office supplies and much more, forever remain a constant need here at 21st District Recovery Court. Each of these items can and will aid us in the daily process of running this organization. Most of our participants come to us with almost no money and very few personal belongings. Contributions from the community are vital in the support of the basic human needs of our participants.

We will also continue to grow our annual events. Currently, we host very the successful “Eat the Street” and our community breakfast. More fundraising throughout the community-at-large is crucial to the success of our organization.