The Benefits of 21st District Recovery Court

The disease of addiction robs people of their ability to set realistic expectations, to meet their obligations, and to live honestly with themselves and others. 21st District Recovery Court provides participants with the structure and tools they need to be responsible. Our program helps them live honestly through intense drug testing, supervision, and treatment.

As participants demonstrate more and more responsibility, they earn more and more independence. Make no mistake; 21st District Recovery Court is a long and demanding program. But developing these new habits will yield invaluable benefits:

  • Being clean and sober for at least a year

  • Acquiring and practicing the skills necessary for lifelong sobriety

  • Having a job and/or furthering education

  • Improved physical and mental health

  • Paying legal debt to society while potentially serving less jail time

  • Dramatically reducing the odds of relapse and re-incarceration

  • Earning the respect of family, friends, and most importantly—self

To Apply:

The 21st District Recovery Court program is a two-year residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare program for nonviolent offenders living in Hickman, Lewis, Perry and Williamson County, Tennessee.


Application is limited to those whose current offense is a result of illegal drug use or who can demonstrate a history of drug abuse and whose sentence is statutorily eligible for probation.


If the applicant meets the above criteria, he/she will be interviewed by a treatment professional who will present the results of that assessment to the 21st District Recovery Court Team who will then vote on admission.

Not every applicant is accepted, nor do applicants have a legal right to 21st District Recovery Court as a sentence alternative. But those who are willing to undertake the challenge of being held strictly accountable to the program guidelines contained in the handbook will have the support of the entire 21st District Recovery Court to meet that challenge.

Completed applications may be faxed to 615-595-2591 or emailed to