About 21st District Recovery Court

If you or a loved one has been trapped in the revolving door of addiction and inevitable criminal prosecution, isn’t it time to end the cycle?

Graduate Brian being recognized by Judge James Martin

Graduate Brian being recognized by Judge James Martin

Simply getting caught has never proven to stop drug or alcohol use. Addiction has a crippling effect, not only on the user, but the family, as well. If you are reading this, you already know this first-hand. Let us work together to change a life, once and for all.

21st District Recovery Court is by no means a free-pass. It is challenging, and it is not for everybody. Specifically, we are an alternative sentencing program in the 21st Judicial District (Hickman, Lewis, Perry, and Williamson Counties, TN) which affords non-violent offenders who suffer from addiction issues, a different opportunity. We offer an intensive two-year, court-supervised recovery program in lieu of and/or in addition to traditional sentences.

The program is truly intensive. Not everyone will qualify. Those who do must be willing to be held accountable at every step of this very demanding journey. That said, this could very well lead the individual to living a fully productive life if they successfully complete this program. A risk finally worth taking!

Frequent drug testing, strict supervision, and intensive treatment should be expected. Participants must realize that this is an effort to help them become much more honest with themselves and others, which, over time, will help them become law-abiding citizens and healthier individuals.

The Drug Court team consists of the Circuit Court Judge, District Attorney, Public Defender, law enforcement, probation, Recovery Court staff, and the treatment professionals who will each do their part to see that participants remain drug-free, and hopefully become a productive member of the community. However, the most important person is the participant.

While every case is absolutely dependent on the participant, 65-70% of Recovery Court graduates do remain arrest-free. This shows that the program works, however, far more importantly, it shows that the individual participants can and do win the battle over addiction and live a life worth living, free of shame and guilt.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding you or a loved one. We would love to assist you in this struggle over addiction and crime.