Local law enforcement professionals attest that much of the crime in our community is drug and alcohol-related. Consequently, many convicted addicts regularly violate their probation or commit new offenses. Until their cycle of addiction is broken, it is difficult—if not impossible—for these offenders to become productive, law-abiding citizens.

21st Drug Court is an alternative sentencing program in the 21st Judicial District (Hickman, Lewis, Perry and Williamson County, TN) which affords local non-violent offenders with addiction issues the opportunity to complete an intensive two-year, court-supervised recovery program in lieu of and/or in addition to traditional sentences. The Drug Court model is unique in that it uses a non-adversarial, therapeutic approach to crimes rooted in addiction. The Drug Court team includes the circuit court judge, district attorney, public defender, law enforcement, probation staff and treatment professionals who work together to insure that its participants remain drug-free and pay their debt to the community while getting the treatment and skills training necessary to become productive citizens.

75% of Drug Court graduates remain arrest-free