21st DC Wishlist


  • Projector for treatment classes-high priority
  • Small gift cards $5-$10 (restaurant or retail) for motivational incentives
  • Various size labels
  • 9 Volt batteries
  • Ink Pens
  • 60, 75 or 100W light bulbs


Kroger – Please go to www.kroger.com and go to the community rewards link.  From here you can pick the 21st Drug Court as a non-profit  that receives quarterly rewards  from Kroger.  When you add Drug Court to your card, any money you spend at Kroger will result in a percentage of that money being sent back to us. If you don’t have a Kroger card, you can register and get one.   It does not cost you anything for the card or to add Drug Court as a rewards partner.  Please encourage family and friends to do the same. Every little bit helps.

Thriftsmart  – located on Downs Blvd. in Franklin.  When you donation items, tell them you want the donation credited to the 21st Drug Court account.  They will weigh your donations ( except furniture) and will give us $1 in gift cards for every 10 pounds.  Cards are sent our quarterly and have been very helpful in providing much needed clothes and household items for new participants.  This is a great time to do spring cleaning, get rid of things you don’t need and help drug court at the same time.  Once again, please encourage anyone you know to do the same.